Why Use WordPress to build your website?

WordPress is a brilliant content management platform. It enables you to quickly and easily publish new website pages in seconds. Starting out as a blogging tool, it has everything you need to post news about your business and social networking tools to post and share your news around the web.

It provides you with a simple ‘Dashboard’ control panel that enables you to get started with your first pages and posts. With a few simple images and your business logo, you can start to publish a great looking website, or replace your existing site so that you can manage the content of your website directly, without having to pay an agency everytime you need to make some small changes or publish some news.

Example WordPress Dashboard

Click image to see detail

Using wordpress is like having a community based ‘website builder‘ tool that does not limit your site to a particular look and feel. With the whole wordpress community adding and offering new themes all the time, relevant to your UK Business.

Multiple members of staff can administer the website pages and blog posts and there are extra plugins available that enhance your site, like statistics tools to track what keywords people used to find you on Google and other search engines.



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